Madeline von Foerster

Madeline von Foerster (b. 1973 U.S.A) studied illustration at the Californian College of Arts in San Francisco. After completing her studies, she relocated to New York city at the suggestion of one of her teachers and resides there to this day.

At first she was frustrated with painting her artworks al a prima, but then by chance she happened upon an advertisment for one of Philip Rubinov Jacobson‘s painting workshops in Europe. There she learnt the Misch Techniqe, a five century-old mixed technique of oil and egg tempera, developed by the Flemish Renaissance Masters. Although linked stylistically to the past, her paintings are passionately relevant to the present, as such timely themes as deforestation and endangered species find expression in her work.

Because Madeline paints so classically, in 2008, when she shipped her artwork to Germany for an art fair, German customs mistook her painting for an Old Master and would not release it immediately because they thought it was being smuggled. But after many phone calls, customs finally accepted that the artwork was indeed created by a living American artist.

She is inspired by the Northern European Rennaissance artists: Jan van Eyck, Memling, Rogier van der Weyden, Bosch, Bruegel, Durer, and Gerard David, and also by the women Surrealists.

Von Foerster’s artworks are in collections around the world and have been featured in numerous publications. She was named as one the “Top Contemporary Surrealists” by Art and Antiques magazine.

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