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Laurence Caruana

Laurence Caruana was born 1962 in Toronto Canada, of Maltese descent. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1985, with a degree in Philosophy, and then studied painting at die Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna. In the year 2000 he apprenticed directly under Ernst Fuchs, working as his assistant in his studios in Monaco and Castillon as well as in the Apocalypse Chapel, Klagenfurt.

The artist has made his home variously in Toronto, Malta, Vienna, Munich, Monaco and Paris. During his wanderings he has actively recorded his dreams and expanded their imagery through mythology. His paintings are inspired by memories and dreams, experiments with entheogens, and the interplay of different cultural symbols and styles.

His interest in sacred art and iconography has led to extensive travels, studying the spiritual traditions of Gothic and Renaissance Christianity (Western Europe), Byzantine Christianity (Eastern Europe), ancient Egypt (Egypt), Hinduism (India), Buddhism (Nepal, Tibet), Mayan and Aztec culture (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras).

After meeting his French fiançée in Munich, Caruana then moved to Paris, where he maintained a studio in the Bastille quarter for 12 years. After the birth of their son, the couple bought a farmhouse in the Burgundy region south-east of Paris, to pursue a fascination with Permaculture (while maintaining an apartment in Paris).

In his new studio Laurence continues painting while editing The Visionary Revue: the On-line Journal of Visionary Art. He frequently travels to exhibit his works, deliver lectures on Visionary art and teach the Mischtechnik, particularly through his annual Visions in the Mischtechnik painting seminars in the eco-village of Torri Superiore Italy.

Along with his wife Florence, he established the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in 2013.

Laurence Caruana has also authored several books:

  • The Hidden Passion: A Novel of the Gnostic Christ, Based on the Nag Hammadi Texts
  • Enter Through the Image: The Ancient Image-Language of Myth, Art and Dreams
  • A Manifesto of Visionary Art (available in English and French)
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Vienna Visionary Academy Opening

Vienna Visionary Academy Opening

Start: 14/09/2013
End: 14/09/2013
The Vienna Academy of visionary Art will open its doors this September. The official opening night will take place at the location of the Academy, in the Palais Palffy, Vienna.
Dreams and Divinities Travelling Exhibition 2013

Dreams and Divinities Travelling Exhibition 2013

Start: 22/03/2013
End: 31/03/2013
On the Spring Equinox of 2013 an exhibition of fifty nine Visionary, Surrealist and Fantastic artists and the book 'Divining the Dream' will be launched in Toledo, Spain. The launch will take place at a Dreams & Divinity Conscious Art Conference in the landmark Iglesia de San Marco.
Questing the Sacred –  Paris Exhibition

Questing the Sacred – Paris Exhibition

Start: 08/09/2012
End: 14/10/2012
From Russia to Australia to London, Paris and Vienna to the West coast of the United States, twelve artists (5 women and 7 men) unite on a quest to evoke the sacred.

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Laurence Caruana Solo Exhibition

Laurence Caruana Solo Exhibition

Duration: 00:08:12

Laurence Caruana this week opened his solo exhibition in Burgundy, France. He also gave a presentation about recent developments in visionary art and his view of things.

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