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Johannes Franciscus Gijsbertus van den Berg (15 December 1919 in Rotterdam – 6 November 1998 in Fleurac) or just Johfra Bosschart was a Dutch modern artist. Johfra and his wife, Ellen Lórien, established in Fleurac (Dordogne – France) in 1962. They lived in the Netherlands before that. Johfra described his works as “Surrealism based on studies of psychology, religion, the Bible, astrology, antiquity, magic, witchcraft, mythology and occultism.

When Johfra died in 1998, he left behind a large oeuvre encompassing almost a thousand finely detailed paintings, thousands of completed drawings, several sketchbooks loaded with preparatory images, and twenty volumes of diaries, written from eighteen years of age to his death at the age of seventy-eight.


  • Symphonie fantastique – autobiografie
    (Johfra) van den Berg, Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus; Gerrit Luidinga, Bureau Van Tilburg
    1998 (in Dutch), Woerden: De Verbeelding.
    ISBN 9080442216
  • Johfra – Hoogste lichten en diepste schaduwen
    Gerrit Luidinga
    2001 (in Dutch), Woerden: De Verbeelding
    ISBN 9789021589046


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Johfra – On the Limits of the Adventure Exhibition

Johfra – On the Limits of the Adventure Exhibition

Start: 10/04/2010
End: 30/05/2010
Slot Zeist presents a special exhibition of artworks from Johfra (1919 - 1998). Johfra, is the artist name of painter Johannes Franciscus van den Berg Gijsbertus, who was in the late sixties and early seventies, a real cult figure.


Johfra – Hoogste Lichten en Diepste Schaduwen

Johfra – Hoogste Lichten en Diepste Schaduwen


The book “Johfra – Hoogste Lichten en Diepste Schaduwen” has 510 pages and gives a complete overview about his work and life. It has become the standard reference of Johfra’s work.

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