Hanno Karlhuber

Born 1946 in Dresden.

1950 emigrates to Austria

1972 Studies at the Academy for Visual Arts (Akademie der Bildenden Künste), Vienna under Professor Rudolf Hausner, completing his Diploma for Painting.

1980 – 82 Stipendium for Japan, studies Japanese painting technique at the Tokyo Geidai, experimental video and film.

2000 – 2005 artistic director of Galerie Akum in Vienna, specialising in Fantastic painting

2009 to present curator for Barockschloss Reigerburg

Exhibited in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Japan.

Away from the postcard view, and the legacy of art history, I try to wrest the genre of landscape painting, a new perspective. Also, traffic signs, power lines, railroad tracks, contrails in the sky or telephone booths, so things that we want to avoid in our landscape shine, sometimes have a strange magic. It is an attempt to discover the man behind the track in a new landscape of beauty and poetry.

Hanno Karlhuber comes from the tradition of Surrealism and the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism (Class Prof. Rudolf Hausner, Academy of Fine Arts / Vienna). Characteristic in addition to the artistic message is to use a certain painting technique (glaze painting, mixed media), the detail, the portrayal of light and space in painting.

In the series “human traces ” Hanno Karlhuber used in his later work more a form of “magic realism” in order to the perception of “LandscapeToday” a new perspective.

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