Gregory Pettit

Gregory Pettit is an American artist born in 1980 in Plano, TX. In 2003 he moved to Austin, TX and after completing his basic studies decided to enroll in the University of Texas College of Fine Arts. Graduating with a degree in Studio Art in 2008, he has since maintained his studio in Austin.

He first began painting in 2006 and by late 2007 had abandoned most of his prior artistic direction to move forward with a body of work that corresponded with his growing fascination with the terror and beauty of trans-dimensional realities.

Endowed with an inexhaustible imagination, Greg has continued to produce a body of artwork that has been exhibited both around the US and internationally.
Striving to create imagery that exists within a refracted sense of space and time, his work is characterized by depictions of transparent machine like forms, fantastic creatures, and geometrically defined sentinel-like structures.

“When I settle down to paint I’m not really trying to paint anything. Images just seem to download and crystallize before me as I move my brushes around. I’m painting out these automatic manipulations of the NO-THING. I often refer to this energy in my own writings as “the articulate fire.” To me it is an infinitely intelligent fundamental force that exists in octaves above ordinary reality, determining the lower world of sensation and form that we are normally imprisoned in. Painting is a functional meditative state where I feel guided by this energy, like it is using me as a tool to show itself.”

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The Irresistible Flow of Time – Galerie 10

The Irresistible Flow of Time – Galerie 10

Start: 09/09/2010
End: 11/10/2010
Galerie 10 in Vienna brings together a selectin of 11 artists from the Fantastic Art movement, this September in Austria. It is already half a century ago that Galerie 10 began to represent the art of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism, including also its extensions into the following “new waves”.

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