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Eli Tiunine

Eli Tiunine was born in 1957 in Warsaw to a family of painters. Her parents, Konstanty and Władysława Tiunin were frescoe painters, working in many historic buildings and churches. Sadly many of these works have suffered from the destruction caused by World War II. One of their most remarkable restorations have been the Church of St. Anne, located in the historic centre of Warsaw. It is with them that Eli learnt the most of her painting technique.

During the communist era, working for the Church Eli was ostracised, being denied admission several times to the Schools of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Krakow, as she belonged to a family of non-conformists. In 1976 she left Poland for France and was admitted to the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She graduated in 1981.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Dubai, Australia and the United States.

Eli is actively involved in movement ‘Libellule’, a collective of artists gathered around Lukáš Kándl.

In 2000, at the Carrousel du Louvre, she received the First Prize of Francophone Press in the Exhibition of the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts where she became an Associate.

As an admirer of the Old Masters (Van Eyck, the Master of Flémalle, Memling, Van Dyck, Van der Hoch, Van der Weiden, Pieter Breughel), Eli Tiunine began her work through personal research on their techniques – materials, colours, pigments, which allow the development of her own expression.

Eli Tiunine finds inspiration in all of the founding myths of our civilization, while in tune with the realities of our time. Her paintbrush covers mythology, philosophies, Christian iconography, the tragedies, the joys and pleasures of our flesh and our spirit.

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Dreamscapes V 2013

Dreamscapes V 2013

Start: 21/06/2013
End: 06/10/2013
The fifth edition of the international Dreamscapes exhibition will be opened at the “Old Town Hall” of Viechtach in Germany.
L‘Art GENSO International Exhibition

L‘Art GENSO International Exhibition

Start: 28/11/2011
End: 03/12/2011
Gold is no longer to be found in Japan, but the fantasy and imagination will remain inexhaustible. Therefore the a distinctly Japanese world was chosen for the title of the exhibition, "GENSO". It is our intent to spread that word throughout the world as "gold".
L’Ange Exquis Exhibition Schloss Riegersburg

L’Ange Exquis Exhibition Schloss Riegersburg

Start: 20/04/2011
End: 15/11/2011
Reigersburg Palace (Barockschloß Riegersburg) in Lower Austria continues its annual cycle of exhibitions with Lukáš Kándl and his artists group "Libellule" under the project title "Ange Exquis".

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Dreamscapes V


The imaginary realism has become a global movement. This is the programmatic summary of the Marcel Salome. This is his fifth edition of “Dreamscapes” (dream worlds or landscapes). 75 contemporary artists will be presented with their artworks, personal statements and standardized interviews: Who or what inspires them, what drives them? How the outside world affects their art? The book heavily represents Europeans, but the U.S., Japan, India and Iraq are represented as well.

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