Dennis Konstantin

Dennis Konstantin Gerigk was born 1979 in Wiesbaden, Germany and studied Interior Architecture before he, in 2006 settled as a full time artist in Hamburg.

In 2004, inspired by a dream he had where many great Fantastic and Visionary artists had gathered, he wrote to Prof. Ernst Fuchs and sent him one of his own drawings. Fuchs then invited Dennis to visit him in his Monaco studio. After completing his Interior Architecture studies, Dennis returned to Monaco where he assisted Fuchs in his studio. Here he learned and acquired the basic painting skills which he continues to build upon, developing his very own unique painting technique.

Dennis Konstantin is a very committed artist with a high output of artwork. He has exhibited internationally in several countries.

In 2011 he self-published his own book “Hyper Pop” cataloguing a wide range of his artwork.

On the journey to a new form of expression which he refers to as “Quantum Realism”, Dennis Konstantin unifies the search for the inner structure of things with the phantasmagorias of the fantastic and the vivid color spectrum of today’s visionary art. Taking building blocks of various styles, the artist is not interested in the mere copy of things,  rather more he wants to show us the non-static nature of our reality.

His work is dominated by the expression of change, the metamorphosis of three dimensional structures into their next state of existence.

The greatest inspiration for the artist comes from the latest insights of quantum physics and eastern philosophy which both realize the world as a vibrating field of form. By “weaving” objects together with multiple layers of colour, he shows us the inner connection of all things that exist.

Although he has a very scientific approach to painting it is also important for the artist to tell stories with this kind of expression. Therefore the figures in his work are on a constant journey to personal freedom, seeking the reality behind our well-worn thought structures.

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Geometric Alchemy Exhibition Dennis Konstantin Mainz

Geometric Alchemy Exhibition Dennis Konstantin Mainz

Start: 16/06/2012
End: 30/06/2012
Krock, Knep & Rother are proud to host Dennis Konstantin's first big solo show in his home valley. Dennis Konstantin will exhibit 60+ original paintings from the past, present and future of his unique craft, which he calls "Quantum Realism" or" Hyperpop".
Dennis Konstantin Print Exhibition

Dennis Konstantin Print Exhibition

Start: 10/12/2012
End: 10/12/2012
Hamburg artist Dennis Konstantin is celebrating the opening of a permanent print exhibition of his artwork.
Father and Son – Helmut & Dennis Konstantin Gerigk

Father and Son – Helmut & Dennis Konstantin Gerigk

Start: 08/04/2011
End: 10/04/2011
Park Hotel Schlangebad presents the Father and Son exhibition from Helmut and Dennis Konstantin Gerigk, from Surrealism to Fantastic Abstration.

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