Bernard Dumaine

Bernard Dumaine born August 20, 1953 in Angoulême, France, still lives to this day in the same town with his wife and children. From an early age he was working to master drawing still-lifes with correct proportions between the objects, good shading, and volume.

Dumaine’s passion for drawing was learnt from his father. He never gave Bernard any lessons, but amazed his son with the drawings in ink he did. Comic books had some influence on Dumaine; some of them were drawn by skilled drafts-men and he would copy some of their drawings.

He began having painting and drawing lessons, one afternoon a week, at the age of 11 until age 15 at the Fine arts school of Angoulême. Some years later, I prepared for a diploma in Sculpture in the same art school for 5 years and I received my diploma with a mention for drawing in 1977. Many single and group exhibitions followed, both locally and internationally. His early work included drawings in the style of photorealism and surrealist oil paintings. His surrealist work was influenced by Yves Tanguy and Max Ernst.

At one time he made collages, but now prefers the flexibility of digital tools. However he still does also work with oil paints, and pencil. Dumaine continues to paint strange landscapes similarly as Max Ernst or James Gleeson did and sometimes also reproduces his digital creations on canvas.

He is also produces “Exquisite Corpse” artworks in collaboration with many artists internationally, with these collaborative works being exhibited in galleries across France.

In 2010 Dumaine edited and published the book, “Miximages – Exquisite Corpses” which is collection of collaborative artworks that he produced with 37 international artists.

Imagination and chance have a large place in the creation of my pictures, which are also works of experimentation and research. My favorite part of creating art is the ‘stream-of-consciousness’ and the discovery of each image as I am working. I do not know exactly what would appear until I have finished it.Bernard Dumaine


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