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Benedetto Fellin

Fellin Benedetto was born in 1956 in Merano, South Tyrol, and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Professor Rudolf Hausner. He received public awards such as 1979, including the promotion price Hausner, the Friends Academy Award 1983 and the Theodor-Körner Prize 1984th Fellin led study tours in the Asian, African and Central American region and influenced the themes of his painting. His paintings have been shown in Vienna, Innsbruck, Kiel, Munich, Tokyo, Bangkok and Mexico. Works by Benedetto Fellin are, in addition to numerous private collections in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere, Ferdinandeum Innsbruck and the Museum of Reinhold Messner, MMM ‘, South Tyrol. The art of Benedetto Fellin is a special form of figurative painting. The viewer encounters seemingly fantastic worlds that are very real features of the people, cultures and landscapes in significant correlations. The artist lives and works in Vienna and Hungary.

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Dollars, Treasures and Art Exhibition 2013 Barockschloss Riegersburg

Dollars, Treasures and Art Exhibition 2013 Barockschloss Riegersburg

Start: 29/04/2013
End: 17/11/2013
This year's exhibition at the Baroqueschloß Riegersburg entitled "Dollars, Treasures and Art... has time run out?" (Dollar Schätze und Kunst) brings together a number of current issues and many perspectives on contemporary society through the creation of the exhibiting artists
Austronauten Exhibition Viechtach

Austronauten Exhibition Viechtach

Start: 22/06/2012
End: 26/08/2012
The Bavarian Forest of town of Viechtach, known as the "center of the fantastic art" of Bavaria, welcomes the AUSTROnauten soon: Artists from Austria and Australia, which follow the tradition of Viennese Fantastics their own way. The opening of the AUSTROnauten exhibition takes place on Friday, 22 June 2012 at 7pm in the Alten Rathaus, Viechtach.
Begegnung der Völker in der Malerei – Benedetto Fellin

Begegnung der Völker in der Malerei – Benedetto Fellin

Start: 03/03/2012
End: 23/03/2012
Viennese artist Benedetto Fellin is the new guest artist at studio of the Scheiflinger artists Angelika and Rudi Hirt, with an exhibition of his artwork.

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