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Alain Margotton

In the 1980’s and 90’s, Alain Margotton (born 1948 in Argenton sur Creuse) exhibited alongside Di-Maccio, Ruppert, Dietrich and Thomas in Hervé Sérane’s Galerie Râ.

After his associations with Sérane ended and Galerie Râ folded, Margotton retired to an old house in Saint Thibaut (l’Aisne) at the extremities of Paris. He now pursues his visions there in undisturbed solitude.

These visions include relic-filled tombs, dark caverns with twisting passages or misty landscapes where ships lie in ruin(above left). Rocks, driftwood, and petrified trees are omnipresent. An organic quality may infuse his rock formations, suggesting that these telluric entities once had a life of their own. Yet, all that remains, as some sign of past life, are the negative imprints of fossils encrusted on their surface. Life once dwellt here, but in a past that is far and remote.

The artist himself notes that “I could have been an archaeologist. The objects that I’ve sculpted suggest an archaeology of the imagination… For as long as I can remember, I have always refused to put in my works any element that could be identified with the present.

Alain Margotton est né en1948 à Argenton-sur-Creuse dans l’Indre France. Après avoir suivi les cours de l’Ecole de peintre en décor de Surgères, il poursuit ses études
à l’Ecole supérieure de peinture de Bruxelles, puis à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Reims.

De 1974 à 1981, il est graphiste à la maison de la culture de Reims. Une quinzaine d’expositions personnelles et une cinquantaine d’expositions collectives ont diffusé son travail en Europe et en Asie.


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