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Lukáš Kándl, Czech born Magic Realist painter, brings together a group of the best contemporary international artists to present a fantastic, surreal, imaginary and visionary world, around a set of fundamental values based on openness, sharing, group spirit, superb technical quality and master of the craft.

This work, is a contiguous combination of 10, 30 or more paintings will be only one of many possible visualization options of each individual creation. This original idea takes its roots from the “Cadavre Exquis”, a game reinvented by the surrealists.

The game goes that each artist in a group would contribute one part of a complete art piece without knowing what the final creation will look like. This allows each individual artist to fully express his/her whole creativity while keeping a link with the creation of others.

The choice of the theme was inspired by Jacques Prévert as a tribute to one of the spiritual leaders of the surrealist movement at the beginning of last century.

The goal of the project is to promote Magic Realism in Europe, and in the world, by:

  1. Creating an outstanding, original and far reaching event available to the public at large
    • Largest collective magic realistic painting in the world
    • Best international contemporary magic realistic artists
    • First “ange exquis” (exquisite angel) in the world- Dynamic exhibition, continuously renewed
  2. Using the strength of the group.
    • Federate a group of international artists, sharing the same technical perfection around a highly spiritual theme and a profound group spirit.
  3. Presenting the public with an exceptional portfolio of the best contemporary magic realistic paintings at in Europe and in the world.

Member Artists

(as of 2011)
Jean Pierre Alaux, Sergei Aparin, Vicente Arnás, Anne Bachelier, Jake Baddeley, Jean Bailly, Michel Bassot, Vincenzo Cacace, Patrizia Comand, Yo Coquelin, Raffaele De Rosa, Željko Đurovic, Zoran Ivanovic, Zdenek Janda, Alexandra Jontschewa, Lukáš Kándl, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Frank Kortan, Aleš Krejča, Kris Kuksi, Ugo Levita, Hans – Peter Müller, Martin-Georg Oscity, Alexej Ravski, Boris Shapiro, Reinhard Schmid, Yu Sugawara, Eli Tiunine, Petre Velicu, Pavel Žáček, Siegfried Zademack, Olivier Zappelli


To date (2011) the group has had five themed exhibitions.


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Phoenix and Dragons – Viechtach

Phoenix and Dragons – Viechtach

Start: 08/09/2012
End: 15/11/2012
The Bavarian Forest town, Viechtach, also known in artistic circles as a "Center of Fantastic Art", welcomes on the 8th September, the international artist group, Libellule, led by Lukáš Kandl, to present their exhibition "Phoenix and Dragons."
L’Ange Exquis Exhibition Schloss Riegersburg

L’Ange Exquis Exhibition Schloss Riegersburg

Start: 20/04/2011
End: 15/11/2011
Reigersburg Palace (Barockschloß Riegersburg) in Lower Austria continues its annual cycle of exhibitions with Lukáš Kándl and his artists group "Libellule" under the project title "Ange Exquis".
1st Biennale of Fantastic Art

1st Biennale of Fantastic Art

Start: 11/09/2010
End: 18/09/2010
31 artists from 20 countries and three continents will be participating in the first Fantastic Art Biennale this Autumn in Viechtach located in the Bavarian forest. Under the direction of Lukas Kandl representative artists of the Fantastic Painting will present their artworks. The opening will take place on Saturday 11th September at 7PM. Guest speaker, Gerhard Habarta, the author of the Lexicon of Fantastic Artists will be present.

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  1. Leo Plaw Says:

    I will be attending this exhibition opening after our own opening at Galerie 10 in Vienna. The Irresistible Flow of Time – Galerie 10

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