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Labyrinth – Society for Fantastic and Visionary Art

Labyrinthe – Gesellschaft für phantastische und visionäre Künste

Labyrinth, the Society of Fantastic and Visionary Arts is a network that promotes communication, expression and exchange of experience between artists and writers ensuring arena for discourse, and enjoyment with like-minded people. It is a medium where all practitioners of their art feel that they have peers, but also a contact point for all who want to know more about fantastic art.

The association also pursues a very practical objectives and aims, to lobby for Fantastic Artists and Art. The interest in the Fantastic Art shall be promoted through exhibitions, publications, lectures and activities in the public domain. In general, ideas are developed to find new ways of bringing the Fantastic Art to the people. Contact is welcome from other artists, galleries, museums and publishers who are also interested in fantasy art.


On 20 January 1996 in Bonn, founded the “Center of the Fantastic Arts”. It met there from different countries fantastic artists of all genres, artists, image builders, writers, as well as gallery owners, publishers, art historians and politicians to make together for the fantastic art through a network of connections, exhibitions and promotions a way.

Among the founding members of the Centre were Ernst Fuchs and Herbert Rosendorfer, Arek Brauer and Bele Bachem, but also Michael Ende, albeit posthumously. He was a very strong supporter of the project, but did not live to see its realisation. Currently there are about forty members, which form the inner circle of the center. Including Gisbert Porter, HR Giger, Bruno Weber and other famous artists and authors.

1994 was held in Venice instead of you Fantastique Au Visionaire probably the first major international exhibition of fantastic art. Maurizio Albarelli that this exhibition under the patronage of Ernst Fuchs has achieved has been artists worldwide indexed 1200 on, and Wolfgang Maria Ohlhäuser even more fantastic artist, the art academies in the Far East has taught at, makes the center regularly for new artists in this genre attention away from the Asian culture.

1999 was the Herrenhof Mußbach exhibition “THE THREAD OF ARIADNE ‘- fantastic and visionary art, with over 350 art works by 35 artists from 7 countries, with a related television documentary ” Fantastic Night ” produced.

The “Center of the fantastic arts ” becomes “Labyrinth Society of fantastic and visionary arts”

With the variety of tasks and the complexity of the structure in communication with and between members, it turned out that the existing form of association in our activities, as well as the term “center” was not optimal, as this rather the place of incorporation in relation was taken. In 2001, ten people founded in Munich “Labyrinth Society of Fantastic and Visionary Arts” which sees itself as the successor organization to the “Center of the Fantastic Arts”.

Gesellschaft für phantastische und visionäre Künste e.V.
D-80639 München
Tel: +49-89-1799 8120 +49-89-1799 8120
Fax: +49-89-171 399

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