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beinArt International Surreal Art Collective

The beinArt International Surreal Art Collective ( was founded in 2006 by Jon BeinartJon Beinart, a practising artist new to the Melbourne art scene, found it difficult to gain exposure for his art beyond exhibiting in cafes around the streets of Fitzroy and Brunswick. Wearied by his attempts to gain entry into the local gallery scene, Jon decided to establish a personal website to showcase his work. During his journey through the underground art scene he encountered many talented artists who could relate to his frustration. These artists lacked the networking skills and promotional focus to gain greater exposure for their work. Jon welcomed many of his friends and emerging artists to create guest galleries on his website, then, in the burgeoning popularity of the internet, discovered an effective tool for the promotion of an entire art movement. He shifted his focus from showcasing his personal portfolio to a central online gallery containing a rapidly expanding collective of artists in 2003.

The popularity of The beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective grew rapidly and attracted international appeal. After being inundated with submissions from international artists, and overcoming his initial apprehension, Jon reviewed the direction of the site and launched the beinArt International Surreal Art Collective. A number of artists began to play key roles in the collective and in increasing its web presence. Leo Plaw emerged as the designer and programmer of the website and has worked consistently alongside Jon ever since to maintain and improve the website. The dynamic combination of well-known and lesser-known artists in the beinArt Gallery has provided the vital exposure necessary for new and emerging artists.


The success of beinArt Publishing has allowed its founder to sustain the social and philanthropic mission of the collective and provide a new avenue through print publication to promote emerging artists. To date beinArt Publishing has published the following books.


As of 2010 the beinArt International Surreal Art Collective became directly involved in exhibiting the artists it represents. Jon Beinart was invited by Copro Gallery in Los Angeles to curate a number of exhibitions which were a great success.

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Dystopia – beinArt Collective Group Exhibition

Dystopia – beinArt Collective Group Exhibition

Start: 19/03/2011
End: 09/04/2011
Guest curator Jon Beinart presents the next beinArt Surreal Art Collective group exhibition Dystopia,at the Copro Gallery. The theme of this show, 'Dystopia', will place the viewer in a fictional world where personal and societal fears can be explored. Whether figuratively or more literally, the participating artists will present their own interpretation of 'Dystopia'.
beinArt Metamorphosis Exhibition – Copro Gallery

beinArt Metamorphosis Exhibition – Copro Gallery

Start: 05/06/2010
End: 26/06/2010
"Metamorphosis" will present the work of over 50 international artists who represented in the books and website of the beinArt International Surreal Art Collective. Many have never shown their work in California or the USA previously. Each artist has been chosen for their ability to express themselves imaginatively with exceptional technique and uncompromising individuality.

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